Digital Signage…In-Store Digital Media…Digital-out-of-Home (DooH)…

Confused yet?  The identity crisis among vendors, industry associations, and (most importantly) end-user customers, has caused a great deal of hand wringing and continues to be a nuisance.

In 2009, many of the proverbial wagons circled around the term Digital-out-of-Home as a catch-all term for much of the market usage of digital display applications in “public venues”.  This still leads to much confusion, especially when we look at the differences between advertising and merchandising applications.

There has been plenty of commentary on the blurring of the lines between digital signage and kiosks.

When does a digital sign become a kiosk – when it has a touch screen?

How does an adding an interactive element help to achieve desired business results?

What is the right device for interacting with out-of-home digital displays? Touch screens? Mobile phones?

These are not easy questions to answer because it depends on the environment.

It’s that time again! I present to you Reflect’s Top 10 Digital Signage predictions for 2010. We’ll release a new prediction every day for the next two weeks. Be sure to comment on the blog posts with your opinions.

Prediction 1 – In-Store Digital Media’s “Elephant In The Room” Gets Attention

In the industry, there’s plenty of talk about enhancing the customer experience at retail and how digital applications can help. But there’s a huge elephant in the room that rarely gets its due: sales results.