Company Profile

As the top gaming retailer in the world, GameStop stores are exciting places to be. Customers come from all different countries and continents include teens, young adults, parents and grandparents, and they all have, interests ranging from sword fighting and soduku, to drag racing and dancing. But two things bring them together: a passion for video games and GameStop.

Ranked No. 255 on the Fortune 500 annual listing of public companies, GameStop is the world’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer. The company operates more than 6,500 retail stores worldwide, as well as and Game Informer magazine, a leading multi-platform video game publication, is also an important part of the GameStop family.

Some Interesting Information

GameStop has the perfect audience and product for leveraging in-store digital media, said Matt Schmitt, President of Reflect Systems. The games really need to be shown in an experiential way whenever possible. GameStop TV provides a way to not only give the customer an idea of the game play and quality of the product, but also to hear commentary and reviews.  And the media experience is not just useful for the core gaming audience, but also to parents who want ideas on what’s new and what might be the right product for their family. 

Business Situation

With an ever-changing product lineup and a loyal customer base hungry for the next adventure, GameStop strives to provide a shopping experience that is dynamic, educational and fun.  The company takes pride in leveraging a knowledgeable staff that can provide a consultative approach assisting shoppers, but the organization also needed to showcase information in a visual way, much like their product offerings.  Until recently, the company utilized a DVD-based system, which required frequently updated materials, to help tell the story of what is new and coming soon. Unfortunately, the expense, logistics and time to market for this messaging approach left a lot to be desired. GameStop wanted to explore the best way to enable a networked, digital media delivery system.


Reflect worked with GameStop to deploy and test a digital media pilot program in the stores. The goals were to evaluate content strategy and shopper engagement. After strong initial results, GameStop was ready to plan a system-wide solution.  Reflect did extensive testing and configuration on technology assurance programs such as security and IP network policies to ensure the digital media network could be deployed effectively without negatively impacting other core business activities.  Reflect and CBS partnered to deploy a fully managed in-store digital media solution that included technology, field services, entertainment and advertising content and support systems.  


GameStop TV is now deployed in more than 4,200 store locations visited by 24 million monthly game enthusiast shoppers, making it one of the largest out-of-home digital media networks in the world.  Using ReflectView technology, GameStop is able to deliver compelling content more quickly and provide relevant messaging based on timely promotions and events of interest to its customers.  According to controlled test results, as a result of GameStop’s savvy merchandising and messaging technology, promotional items experienced an average 20 percent sales lift. Surveys of GameStop shoppers showed that content engagement is high and that most shoppers agree they benefit from the GameStop TV programming.  

Due to the success of GameStop TV, GameStop is now expanding its digital media applications to include assisted sales and customer service applications via touchscreen kiosks. These applications allow customers to directly engage with informative and compelling content in a unique, experiential way.